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NAMME COVID-19 Public Service Announcement



Dear Valued Members of NAMME, 


The time upon is focused on the here and NOW! I welcome each of you to this new fiscal year and 2020 Executive Leadership Retreat. This is a time for us to reflect on the many accomplishments of the past and build upon these experiences to maximize our effectiveness NOW. Our mission is clear, NOW more than ever, to be dedicated to developing and sustaining productive relationships, as well as action-oriented programs among national, state, and community stakeholders working to ensure racial and ethnic diversity in all of the health professions. NAMME also seeks to provide critical guidance and professional development opportunities for individuals dedicated to these efforts and the students they serve. 


This will serve as our guiding light in a time of national and international civil unrest, health crises, and political division. The recent election has shown us tenacity and perseverance can yield positive outcomes and that our nation, especially younger generations are calling for us to embrace difference, open doors that embrace gender equality, and maintain our humanity towards others. Siloed perspectives can only yield limited outcomes. Let us NOW continue in our tradition of working together to expand our outreach and leave an impactful footprint. 


If we are diligent NOW, our vision for the year will yield an increase in membership, at least three memoranda of understanding with organizational partners, multiple sponsorships, engagement with our legacy members, and student engagement along all levels of the pipeline. Working together we can accomplish these goals and the time is NOW.



Ready to Serve, 

Rosalind Gregory-Bass, MD, MS 



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