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“Where Inclusion & Diversity Meet The Health Professions”

Welcome to the National Association of Medical Minority Educators, Inc. NAMME remains committed to serving its four-region membership through professional development and strategic networking. Since 1975 we strive to impact workforce diversity in the health professions providing support to our membership and students across the country; NAMME, Inc. “Where Inclusion & Diversity Meet the Health Professions”.


Three pillars sustain NAMME: (1) Our Membership; (2) Students and (3) Our Partnerships. The life line of NAMME is found in our members. With the goal of increasing membership in 2018, we will launch “Cocktail & Collegiality”. Beta tested within our NE region, the event is an informal strategy to engage and welcome new members to our organization; the effort will be utilized by all four regions of the Association. As a servant leader, I am excited about this membership initiative because it welcomes professionals from a myriad of health profession careers and levels that advances our mission “… of working to ensure racial and ethnic diversity in all of the health professions”.  To establish a broader imprint with our pre-health students across the country, NAMME will collaborate with PreMED STAR, a web tool that allow students to interface with medical schools and other health profession programs. Under an “Ask NAMME” banner, students will be able have their questions answered by seasoned NAMME members regarding their specific pathways to health profession admission. To sustain our impact, NAMME continues to forge salient partnerships and alliances. Our relationships with the Journal of Best Practices, DyNAMC,  and the previously mentioned PreMED STAR, anchors our presence through research, guidance and support for  students of color and other organizations who share our mission.


As we enter into a new year enthralled by major political strife coupled with the threat against the advancement of inclusion and diversity, it serves as a sobering reminder of the work NAMME must continue-Let’s remain steadfast in our resolve to increase equity in the health profession workforce!

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Established in 1975 by a group of educators concerned about the shortage of minority health care providers.
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